Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back To School

Welcome back students or if you’re just starting at SCC, welcome!

Don’t you love back to school time—new clothes, new backpack, new books, and new classes? I think that’s what I miss most about the “real world”—there are no delineations between semesters. It all blends into one. I miss the beginning of a new semester or new school year and the end of another. Starting and finishing something feels good to me.

At the start of this semester, I hope that you are finding your classes interesting and fun! My best advice for you—don’t just take classes and leave. Get involved on campus. SCC has over 30 clubs and organizations and 4 sports teams! There are also events, such as the Fall Fun Blitz on September 4 and 5 and Comedy Night on September 14. We also have a wonderful theatre department, concerts, and art exhibits. Check out all of the events on the event calendar:

College isn’t just about academic education, but life education—learning about yourself and others. You can’t do that if you walk out to the parking lot and get in your car the minute your class ends. So stay a while, get to know your fellow students, walk around our beautiful campus and enjoy your time in college. It’s gonna fly by! And then you’ll be in the “real world” and missing back to school time too!

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